Volunteer Opportunities

Duke Farms offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that provide participants with an opportunity to learn stewardship practices while helping to protect and preserve native flora and fauna.


Current Volunteer Opportunities
Please note: Special arrangements can be made to accommodate groups of 20 or more. Corporate groups and service organizations are welcome!

  • Habitat Regeneration/Invasive Plant Species Removal/Planting of Native Flora

    The regeneration of native habitat on the 2,740-acre property in Hillsborough is part of the transformation of Duke Farms into a regional center for environmental stewardship. The process involves the removal of non-native invasive plants, many of them introduced from Europe and Asia, that are aggressive competitors with native plants for space and nutrients. They often form dense stands or thickets that crowd out native vegetation and have an adverse effect on wildlife that depend on native plant species for food and shelter.


    Volunteers will learn about planting techniques and the importance of using native plants in the landscape. Some of the species that volunteers will be planting include New England Aster, Black-eyed Susans, Cardinal flower, Red Oak and Black Oak.


    In the spring and summer, volunteers are needed to help remove invasive plant species on the property. Removal of invasive plants also helps to stem their distribution to other areas, removing sources of seeds that may spread throughout the region.


    In the late summer and autumn, volunteers are needed to help plant native plant species that have been raised from seed collected at Duke Farms. Using these plants to replace non-native plants creates a healthier ecosystem and benefits local wildlife who depend on native plants for food and shelter.

    Volunteers will work alongside staff members from Duke Farms as they learn about our native plants species and how these plants also can be used in the home landscape.


    Volunteers should dress for the weather, bring heavy work gloves, water and a snack.


    Participants should be in good health, capable of performing moderate physical labor and traversing uneven ground.

  • Orientation Center Registration Desk

    Volunteers are needed to assist the Visitor Services Team at the Orientation Center on Saturdays and Sundays to greet visitors, distribute maps, register program participants and to answer general questions. Shifts are 9 a.m. to noon; noon to 3 p.m.; and 3 to 6 p.m. Training will be provided.

  • Avian Migration

    Seasonal help is needed to identify avian species as well as to assist with data entry of information into Cornell's eBird online database

  • General Office Assistance

    Volunteers are needed to provide occasional help with filing, mailings and general office tasks.

  • Nestbox Maintenance

    Seasonal help needed. Volunteers must have the ability to transverse uneven ground to clean and maintain nest boxes. Some research reporting required.

  • Orchid Care

    General knowledge of the care of orchids is required. Volunteers are needed for two hours once a week to assist with weeding, cleaning and repotting orchids and other plants.

  • Project FeederWatch

    Volunteers who are able to identify common birds are needed to help with a survey of the birds that visit feeders on the Duke Farms property during the winter months. Participants will record the birds visiting feeders and enter the data into an online database.

  • Program Assistance

    Volunteers are needed to provide occasional support for programs and events. Duties may include accompanying bicycle tour groups, checking in attendees for special events or assisting a program leader as needed.

  • Seed Collecting

    Help is needed to collect native seeds for propagation and habitat restoration.

  • Orientation Center Landscaping

    Volunteers are needed one hour, once a week, to assist with the weeding and maintenance of flower beds around the Farm Barn.


To register your contact information, skills and availability, please complete and submit an online volunteer APPLICATION FORM.

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