Amendments for the Garden

July 21

Soil fertility is a topic with an overload of information. Understanding amendments and fertilizers can mean the difference between growing marginal crops and spending more money than necessary or producing high yielding nutrient dense crops.This program covers the differences between amendments and fertilizers, and basic calculations to make you a more informed and environmentally-sensible grower.

This course is taught by Monica Pape, the lead advisor for The Accidental Agronomist. She works with farmers to give them a better understanding of their soil tests, helping implement sensible fertilization and management plans that produce higher yielding crops - while saving money and being environmentally responsible.

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Making An Impact

The natural beauty, diversity of wildlife and breadth of ecological resources at Duke Farms makes it the perfect setting for environmental education, demonstration and research. We believe that everyone—from research professionals to school kids—can learn from our conservation efforts and help to build a more sustainable future.

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