Our Partners

Growing Power

Growing Power is a national nonprofit organization and land trust supporting people from diverse backgrounds, and the environments in which they live, by helping to provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people in all communities.






CityFood Resources

CityFood Resources

CityFood Resources  is a “triple bottom line” vertically integrated sustainable green business consulting firm and incubator focused on developing urban agricultural facilities, fostering traditional and urban farm relationships, infrastructure and logistics for local food, and economic development in the context of traditional and socially conscious investment.



New Jersey Audubon



NJ Audubon

New Jersey Audubon fosters environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among New Jersey's citizens; protects New Jersey's birds, mammals, other animals, and plants, especially endangered and threatened species; and promotes preservation of New Jersey's valuable natural habitats.





Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ


Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

To preserve rare and imperiled species of wildlife that live and breed in, and migrate through New Jersey.





New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection


New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

To manage natural resources and solve pollution problems. In what started with about 1,400 employees in five divisions, NJDEP now has a staff of approximately 2,900 and is a leader in the country for its pollution prevention efforts and innovative environmental management strategies.




Natural Resources Conservation ServiceUSDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Originally established by Congress in 1935 as the Soil Conservation Service (SCS), NRCS has expanded to become a conservation leader for all natural resources, ensuring private lands are conserved, restored, and more resilient to environmental challenges, like climate change.


Rutgers UniversityRutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

In line with Rutgers' strong land-grant tradition, faculty members from this school pursue mission-based teaching, research, and outreach that address real-world problems, and encourage students to adopt the same mission-based approach to their educational experience at Rutgers.







Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey (NOFA-NJ) is dedicated to supporting organic and sustainable food, farming, and gardening in New Jersey through education, technical assistance, and policy action.




Garden State GardensGarden State Gardens

The mission of GSG is to to increase public awareness of and appreciation for New Jersey’s public gardens by promoting their horticultural, educational, historic and artistic value and to facilitate the collaboration of allied professionals in order to promote public garden visitation, stewardship and support.



North American Orchid Conservation CenterNorth American Orchid Conservation Center

NAOCC is a coalition of organizations dedicated to conserving the diverse orchid heritage of the U.S. and Canada.The initial group of public and private organizations that support NAOCC have joined forces with a common goal: to ensure the survival of native orchids for future generations. To this end, NAOCC’s collaborators are working to preserve habitats, create and maintain national collections of seeds and orchid mycorrhizal fungi, and support research on orchid ecology, conservation and restoration. An important goal of NAOCC is to provide the public with opportunities to join in the effort to conserve native orchids.





Project Baseline

Project Baseline

The goal of Project Baseline is to create a resource for researchers interested in characterizing the genetic, taxonomic and functional dimensions of biodiversity over space and time in an era of rapid climate change. Studies of evolutionary responses to accelerated environmental change can shed light on the capacity of organisms to adapt to human disturbances. Conservation and management strategies and policies for threatened species and ecosystems should be informed by evolutionary and genetic information whenever possible. Project Baseline is a collabortive project funded by the National Science Foundation. Collaborators include the University of Minnesota, University of California, the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation and the University of Toronto. 



Our partners offer a number of programs throughout the year.


Visit our Public Programs page to get a full listing of upcoming programs at Duke Farms.

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