Michael Catania,  Executive Director



Jon Wagar, Deputy Executive Director

Jack Floersch, Manager, Facilities

Kathleen Kincaid, Office Manager

Heather Kelco, Administrative Assistant

Dan LenzoManager, Public Safety

Urwashi Singh, Manager, Logistics

William Wilson, Manager, Public Engagement & Cafe

Holly Cumberbatch, Recreational Services Coordinator

Jamie Riker, Motor Pool Coordinator

Linda Samper, Safety Coordinator

Debbie ThomasVisitor Services Coordinator



Nora Wagner, Director, Strategic Planning & Programs

Clifford Berek, Manager, Volunteer Resources

James Hanson, Manager, Digital Media & GIS

Tanya Sulikowski, Manager, Programs & Community Garden

Sam Wolfe, Programs Assistant

Kirsten Holt, Manager, Education & Interpretation

Jon Dugan, Visitor Education Coordinator

Melissa Almendinger, Community Garden Educator

Joanne Vogel, Environmental Educator



Natural Resources and Agroecology
Thomas Almendinger, Director, Natural Resources and Agroecology

Ronald Dziembowski, Manager, Sustainable Agriculture

Charles BarrecaManager, Ecological Stewardship

Michael BellausEcological Specialist

Ronald T. Dalrymple, Manager, Designed Landscapes

Callie Valent, Native Nursery Coordinator

Duke Farms

With more than 2,740 acres, Duke Farms is one of the largest privately-owned undeveloped properties in New Jersey.

Jobs at Duke Farms


Seasonal Landscape Technician


Part Time Seasonal Tram Attendant


Tram Driver

SORA licensed individual with a CDL license to operate the Duke Farms Tram. NOTE: this is not a position with Duke Farms, but rather with a security contractor. For details and to apply, click here. Please do not contact Duke Farms directly regarding the tram driver position. 


Student Conservation Association 16-Week Internship

The 16-week opportunity of Student Conservation Education Intern at Duke Farms was created to assist the Duke Farms’ Education Team in engaging with the public for scheduled and spontaneous educational opportunities and to aid in the development of interpretive areas on the property.  This internship is tailored for individuals interested in learning about and exploring careers within the fields of natural resources, interpretation, and visitor education.

Volunteer at Duke Farms


or CONTACT US for more information.

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