Duke Farms Announces Michael Catania as Executive Director

Hillsborough, New Jersey  (March 5, 2013)


Ed Henry, President and CEO of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, announced today, following a national search, the appointment of Michael Catania as Executive Director of Duke Farms.   As Executive Director, Catania will oversee the environmental center’s more than 2,700 acres, approximately 900 of which are open to the public, making it one of the largest properties of its kind. Catania brings over 35 years of experience in conservation, environmental and land use policy issues in New Jersey to Duke Farms having served as Deputy Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, a visiting professor at the Eagleton Institute of Politics and Cook College of Rutgers University, and as the Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy of New Jersey.


“It is difficult to imagine any individual in the state of New Jersey with an environmental track record as broad and successful as Michael’s,” said Henry.  “The board and staff of Duke Farms join our environmental conservation partners throughout the state in welcoming Michael Catania to his new leadership position.”


Catania previously served as Founder and President of Conservation Resources, a non-profit organization providing financial and technical services to the conservation community in New Jersey.  Since 2003, Conservation Resources have provided over $120 million in financial assistance to more than 60 conservation organizations.  He created and oversaw the largest system of privately owned nature preserves in NJ.   These strengths will be integral at Duke Farms as it continues to grow and work with numerous government, private and non-profit organizations dedicated to similar missions of sustainability.


“I am thrilled to continue the mission of sustainability and stewardship that is so central to the programs and land at Duke Farms,” said Catania.  “I look forward to working with the staff here and inviting the public to continue to explore Duke Farms as we offer innovative ways to embrace these tenants of environmental conservation in a manner that is accessible to all.”


Duke Farms has already welcomed approximately 250,000 visitors since re-opening in May 2012 and welcomes visitors free of charge, 6 days a week, year round.  Nearly 20 miles of trails for hiking and biking are available throughout Duke Farms, offering ample opportunities for passive recreation. Educational programs for all levels, including professionals, are available at Duke Farms; research projects are conducted with program partners such as Rutgers University and NJ Audubon; and the largest community garden in NJ is operated by Duke Farms.


Catania has served as a consultant to Duke Farms for the last eight years on issues of conservation and environmental policy.  Catania has also held numerous leadership positions with various organizations in the environmental community, including: Chair of the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust; President of the Schiff Natural Lands Trust; Co-Chair of the Stockton Alliance; Co-Chair of the Coalition to Preserve Natural resources, and as Founder and Chairman of the Coalition for Conservation.  Catania holds a BA and MA in Political Science from Rutgers University as well as a JD from Rutgers School of Law, and is a member of the NJ Bar.  He currently resides in Mendham Township, NJ where he and his wife, Jan Rosenfeld, own and operate a permanently preserved farm with their two children.


Michael Catania


Catania is a leader in the conservation and environmental community, bringing a wealth of 35 years of experience and advocacy to the 2,740-acre environmental center.


About Duke Farms

Duke Farms serves as a model of environmental stewardship and inspires visitors to become informed stewards of the land. It is a place of education, enjoyment and research that enhances the environmental health of the region. 

Through the beauty of its natural setting, the diversity of its wildlife, and the scope and quality of its educational programs, demonstrations and research, Duke Farms inspires people to transform their approach to conservation and to start building a more sustainable future. For more information, visit

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