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Duke Farms opened a Community Garden in Spring 2011 to provide people with the opportunity to grow produce that is healthy for them in a way that is friendly to the environment. The garden began with 210 plots, and in 2014 expanded to 462 plots.

People who live and/or work in Somerset County, New Jersey are eligible to participate; commercial enterprises are not eligible to apply at this time. Plots are awarded through a lottery process.

Plot sizes/Annual Fee
Garden plots are available in three sizes: 10 x 10 feet for an annual fee of $20; 15 x 15 feet for $40, and 15 x 30 feet for $60.

Gardeners are required to care for their plot throughout the growing season from April to November, and must use organic practices – no chemical fertilizers or pesticides will be allowed. Gardeners also will be responsible for providing their own seeds or plants and must use their own garden tools to tend their plots. Duke Farms will provide compost and water will be available on site.

Organic Gardening Classes
Classes on organic gardening, open to both Community Garden members and the public, will be held throughout the year.  

Questions about the Community Garden? Email us at for more information.


- William Wilson - Public Engagement Manager






Community Garden Volunteer Information

  • Every plot is required to volunteer 4 hours
  • For each additional plot add 1 hour
  • Half of the hours must be preformed by Aug. 1, 2014.
  • Every 2nd and 4th Saturday, and every 3rd Thursday evening are maintance opportunities in the garden.
  • At least 2 large opportunities are offered per month:
Date                    Day Time                 Activity
9/25/2014 Thurs. 9:45a Native Planting at the Groto
10/11/2014 Sat. 12:45p - 4:00p TBD
10/25/2014 Sat. 9:45a - 12:45p TBD


Monitor and Maintian Projects available on: 10/07; 10/11; 10/21; and most Mondays.


*All Vounteer Days meet at the Farm Barn Orientation Center.


If you have any questions, or want to sign up please email our Volunteer Coordiantor, Clifford Berek.



Active Volunteer Log In

Update contact information and check your service hours at the Volunteer Infromation Center.  If you are a new volunteer, fill out this Application Form.

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