Share an experience with your family that will last a lifetime!

Gain the knowledge and skills to enhance your family's natural adventures though our Junior Series. Duke Farms naturalists and specialists will guide your family as you explore an exciting new topic each month and develop a shared passion for natural history. These classes will build on experiences of previous lessons so consider signing up for a whole series!


Junior Naturalists Series




Love all aspects of natural history?  Junior Naturalists may be the class for you. 







Junior Ornithologists Series



Have your eyes in the sky trying to spot some of those feathered friends?  Junior Ornithologists could be right up your ally. 








Junior Entomologists Series





Constantly rolling logs, digging in the dirt and watching spiders make their webs?  Look into Junior Entomologists to satisfy your outdoor bug!  






Junior Gardener Series





Have you ever wondered about where your veggies come from?  Maybe you thought about planting a garden but you don’t know how to get started. Become a Junior Gardener and you will learn that growing your own veggies is easy and fun and they taste delicious! 


Classes are limited, so sign up today!

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