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Enrollment is now going on for the 2017 Junior Entomologists Series!


During this program children (and their parents!) will learn all about the wonders of insects.  In the sky and under water, Junior Entomologists will explore the local environment using nets, microscopes, field guides, and other tools that scientists use.


Upon completion of the program, children will receive a Junior Entomologist Certificate. Those registering for the entire series will receive tools that will help them throughout their year of exploration.


These programs are designed for families with children in grades K-6. At least 1 adult must accompany each child during this program, with no more than two adults accompanying each child. Please note that we cannot accommodate any children who are not currently in Kindergarten. This includes the younger siblings of any registered K through 6 participant as well as any toddlers or babies in arms, carriers, slings or strollers.




Part of each program is spent indoors learning about the topic of the month. Then we go outdoors to watch and identify birds in the field.  Appropriate shoes are required and this program will run rain or shine so please dress for the weather!



Series Schedule:

This year we are offering TWO mini-series. 


Each class is held on a Saturday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. 



1st Mini-Series:


March 25

Socializing with Insects

What is an insect and how are they classified? What are typical behavior patterns of insects? What are colonies?


April 29

Eat or Be Eaten! (and Other Insect Adaptations)

What kinds of animals eat insects? How do they find them? How and where do insects hide from their predators? How do we use insect predators to control insect pests?


May 20

The Web of Life

  • How do you get a skeleton outside your body? How does it grow? What is metamorphosis? Which insects do it?  Make buggy connections during this Jr Entomologist program.

June 24

The Magic of Pollination

  • Get to know the most famous pollinators (the bees and butterflies) as well as the lesser known, but just as important, colleagues (the ants, birds, beetles, moths and wasps!)


Eventbrite - Junior Entomologist 2017: Mini Series 1 - Entire Series



2nd Mini-Series:


July 29

Fireflies, Lightning Bugs and Lantern Beetles

  • Learn all about lampyridae—lightning bugs!  Explore how they glow, their lifecycle, the catching guidelines, and learn how you can contribute to citizen science.

August 26

Life Under Water

  • What’s a benthic macroinvertebrate?  What do they become and why are they important?  Bring your boots to splash through Duke’s Brook as we take a look at the life of insects under water.

September 23

Bugs in the Air

  • What’s so special about the first creatures on earth to develop wings?  Identify and learn about those fast flying, buzzing, and flapping insects of the sky!  

October 28

Log Flippin' Fun

  • Pick through a rotten log to identify decomposers and the slimy, darkness-loving critters with many legs, no eyes, and hard shells! 


Eventbrite - Junior Entomologist 2017: Mini Series 2 - Entire Series

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