Junior Naturalists

Enrollment is now open for the 2017 Junior Gardeners Series!


Spend one Sunday afternoon per month with Duke Farms Garden Educator to experience the magic of the garden!  You will learn about designing your garden, what kind of soil is best and how to grow many different types of veggies such as sugar peas, sweet carrots, colorful lettuces and plump Jersey tomatoes.  We will work in the Community Garden, planting, weeding and watering our crops during each class. Best of all, at the end of each mini-session you will get to EAT what you GROW! This “seed to fork” experience will surely make a lasting impression on your junior gardener.


These programs are designed for families with children in grades 2-5. At least 1 adult must accompany each child during this program, with no more than two adults accompanying each child. Please note that we cannot accommodate any younger children including the younger siblings of any registered Junior Gardener as well as any toddlers or babies in arms, carriers, slings or strollers. 




Part of each program is spent indoors learning about the topic of the month. The rest of the session is spent outdoors in the Duke Farms Community Garden.  Appropriate shoes and garden clothes are required. This program will run rain or shine, so please dress for the weather! A water bottle is recommended.  Garden gloves will be provided.



Series Schedule:

This year we are offering TWO seasonal mini-series. 


Each class is held on a Saturday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM



Spring & Summer Garden Series


Dates: March 25, April 22, May 20, June 17 & July 15


Spring is a busy time for a gardener. It starts with deciding what to grow, planning a garden layout and getting seeds planted indoors. Junior Gardeners will learn the difference between “cool season crops”, such as lettuce and carrots, which get planted in April, and “warm season crops”, such as tomatoes and peppers, which get tucked in the garden in May and June. During each class, we will do some garden maintenance such as weeding, mulching or spreading compost. Throughout the session, we will plant a wide and interesting assortment of veggies such as purple potatoes, red cabbage and yellow carrots. Every week (including the first one!), we will harvest and taste the fresh food growing in our garden and prepare salsa, salad, pesto and more! Junior Gardeners will have the opportunity to pick extra veggies to bring home with them to share with their families.


Eventbrite - 2017 Junior Gardeners: The Spring Garden



Summer & Fall Garden Series Dates:


Dates: August 5, September 9, October 7 & November 4


In the heat of mid-summer, gardeners are starting to plant their fall crops such as carrots, beets and lettuce while still enjoying the bountiful summer harvest. Each week, we will continue to complete our garden chores, plant additional crops right up until October and harvest baskets of fresh organic veggies. We will prepare and taste delicious fall foods such as vegetable soup and roasted pumpkin. As the weather starts to cool down, we will learn how to “put our garden to bed” and prepare the soil for its long winter sleep to become rejuvenated for the spring. Junior Gardeners will have the opportunity to pick extra veggies to bring home with them to share with their families. 


Eventbrite - 2017 Junior Gardeners: The Summer & Fall Garden

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