Junior Ornithologists Series

Enrollment is now open for the 2017 Junior Ornthologists Series!


Join us one Sunday morning a month to learn why Duke Farms is for the Birds!  During this series, you and your child will gain an understanding of what makes birds so unique.  Junior Ornithologists will learn all about bird biology and behavior and will go outside and see what our feathered friends are up to throughout the year.


These programs are designed for families with children in grades K-6. At least 1 adult must accompany each child during this program, with no more than two adults accompanying each child. Please note that we cannot accommodate any children who are not currently in Kindergarten. This includes the younger siblings of any registered K through 6 participant as well as any toddlers or babies in arms, carriers, slings or strollers.




Part of each program is spent indoors learning about the topic of the month. Then we go outdoors to watch and identify birds in the field.  Appropriate shoes are required and this program will run rain or shine so please dress for the weather!


Series Schedule:

This year we are offering FOUR seasonal mini-series. 


Each class is held on a Sunday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM



1st Mini-Series:


Date Topic


January 22


Birds from the Beginning

This program is an introduction to birds. We will take a look at what makes birds so unique - including features of their anatomy and behavior. Families will learn how use binoculars as we begin to identify birds in the field and at our feeders. 

February 26

Eagles - Our Early Nesters

Everyone is excited about the eagles that live and nest at Duke Farms. Did you know they lay their eggs in the middle of winter?   This program will help us get to know all about the life cycle and habits of our majestic eagles.


March 26

Spring Migration - Feathers and Flight

Many birds flew the coop for the winter, but they begin to return with the first signs of spring.  Families will learn all about bird spring migration.  We will learn how a bird is adapted to long flights and take an in depth look at feathers and features that make flight possible.



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2nd Mini-Series:


Date Topic


April 30


Hummingbirds Come Home

It’s almost impossible to believe that a bird that weighs less than a penny can migrate all the way to Central America and back every year.  The end of April is when Hummingbirds return to Duke Farms. We will take an in depth look at the life and times of this tiny miracle on the wing.  We’ll also learn about gardening for hummingbirds and participants will take home seeds of a plant that is a hummingbird favorite.

May 21

Tweets, Twitters, Nests and Eggs

May is the time when birds become very vocal and even noisy as they establish territories and search for mates.  We will explore  bird communication as well as mating, nests, and eggs.  Put your cell phones away as we listen for the live tweets, twitters and songs of the birds of spring.


June 25

Bluebirds Abound

Did you know that eastern bluebirds actually begin their courtship in late winter?  Or that bluebirds often raise two broods in one season?  We’ll check on active bluebird nest boxes as we learn all about the life history of these “birds of happiness”.



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3rd Mini-Series:


Date Topic


July 30


Habitats Are for the Birds

Birds have adaptations that make them well suited to live in some habitats, but not all habitats. Let’s explore the meadows, lakes and woodlands of Duke Farms and learn about the different kinds of birds that call these places home.

August 20

Birds, Beaks and Bugs

What’s a bird’s favorite meal?  The answer depends on what kind of bill is attached to the bird. And what’s the difference between a bill and a beak anyway? We’ll explore these topics then go out and observe birds and their bills in action.


September 17

Fall Migration 

Every fall, many species of birds prepare for fall migration.  We’ll talk about some of the birds that fly elsewhere for the winter and how banding birds helps scientists study bird migration.   No promises, but we hope to have a hands on bird banding session with an experienced scientist!


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4th Mini-Series:


Date Topic


October 15


Owls Rule the Night

What do we mean when we say owls are nocturnal? Are owls raptors? Let's take a close look at our birds of prey and find out all about the fascinating birds we call raptors.


November 19

Turkey Time

As Thanksgiving approaches, we can’t help but think and wonder about this iconic bird.  Come learn all about where they live, what they eat, and how they raise their families.  We’ll make our own turkey calls and even learn to talk turkey! Come have some fun as we explore the life and times of the eastern wild turkey.


December 10

Winter Birds

Not all birds migrate to warmer places in winter.  We’ll take a look at the birds that stick around Duke Farms in the coldest months and discover how they survive in the worst conditions.   



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Please note that we cannot accommodate any children who are not currently in Kindergarten. This includes the younger siblings of any registered K through 6 participant as well as any toddlers or babies in arms, carriers, slings or strollers.

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