TALON stands for Teen Action & Leadership Opportunities for Nature. The TALON program is designed to engage high school students from under- represented racial and ethnic groups in an intensive program in conservation biology that will build personal connections with the natural world through hands- on field experiences and help to inspire a new generation of conservationists.


Class of 2016

The 2016 class consisted of 12 students from the Barack Obama Charter High School. From October to June they spent one day a month at Duke Farms learning about several topics such as bird banding, GIS, organic farming, native plants, sustainable technology, designed landscapes, wildlife ecology, maple sugaring, orchids, citizen science and stewardship.


The students also participated in a one week internship at the end of the program. They were given several options to choose from including geocaching, sustainable technology, organic farming, wildlife ecology and native plant propagation. 


For more information about this program please contact Tanya Sulikowski, Duke Farms Manager of Programs.


TALON Brag Board

21 graduates (15 female, 6 male)

4 students recieved to the Hurricane Island, ME residential program

5 students selected for the Nature Conservancy's LEAF program

1 student applied to the Student Conservation Association Intern Program

1 student recieved full scholarship to Outward Bound on the Appalacian Trail

1 student majoring in Natural Resource Management at Green Mountain College, Vermont

1 student majoring in Biology at Kean University

1 student majoring in Biology at Raritan Valley Community College





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