Bulk Deliveries:

Duke Farms will allow current gardeners to arrange for bulk delivery of materials to the Community Gardens. We require the following conditions to be met:


1. All non-bagged, bulk material must be pre-approved by the Duke Farms Community Garden staff before being brought into the garden, regardless of quantity.  We need to determine that these materials are purchased from approved vendors to ensure quality and safety of the product. Please contact cg@dukefarms.org.


2. Delivery must be scheduled during posted "Garden Assistance Hours"  listed on homepage so that a staff person is present.


3. A Neighborhood Event form must be filled out in completion and submitted at least 1 day in advance of the delivery.  The form is available HERE  


4. The paying customer MUST BE onsite at the time of delivery.  Duke Farms is not liable for the condition or safe-keeping of your delivery.


5. Any deliveries not in compliance with these requirements will be turned away by Duke Farms staff at the expense of the customer.



CLICK HERE for a list of acceptable vendors for soil/compost delivery.

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