2016 Duke Farms Community Garden Donation Program


The purpose of the Duke Farm Giving Gardens is to produce fresh, organic vegetables to share with members of the community who are in need.


Giving Garden Coordinator List


Donation Recipients for 2017:

Resource Center of Somerset

Hillsborough Food Bank

Feeding Hands

Food Bank Network of Somerset County

Agape House


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Giving Garden docents


Delivery of Produce to Donation Station

VOLUNTEER!  Sort, weigh, pack & deliver

Volunteers Preparing Produce for Distribution


Log Your Volunteer Time

What’s growing in your Giving Gardens?


Giving Garden Docents

Giving Garden Docents for 2016 are Susan Spagnola & Susan Lintner.  Please contact them with any questions or ideas to make this program more efficient and productive.



1st pickup of the season: Monday, June 6, 2016 @ 11am.
Produce will be picked up every Monday after that point. Please leave your donations in the gray shed labeled "Donation Station" before 11 am. You may place food in the refrigerator or in the coolers with an ice pack. 


Additional days will be added as the season progresses.  Check here often for schedule updates!



Delivery of Produce to Donation Station

1.  The fruits and veggies should be ones you would serve your own family - no severe bruising or not otherwise past their prime.

2.  Shake off any dirt.
3.  Label any less common produce and any hot peppers.
4.  Place more perishable produce in the refrigerator or coolers. 
5.  Indicate in log your name, what you have brought, what Community Garden town you are from and the time and date of your donation.  You do no need to weigh your donation.

6.  Herbs and bouquets of flowers are welcome additions to the Donation Station.


VOLUNTEER!  Sort, weigh, pack & deliver

To become a volunteer, please use the sign-up form found in the gray shed. You may sign up for sorting/weighing, delivering or as a donation leader.


For Questions, contact our Giving Garden Docents, Susan Spagnola & Susan Lintner


Volunteers Preparing Produce for Distribution

  1. 1.  Inspect all produce. Discard for compost any damaged, badly bruised or over-ripe produce.
  2. 2.  Separate produce by type.
  3. 3.  Make sure uncommon produce is labelled.
  4. 4.  Get clean bags from shed.
  5. 5.  Pack  bags for each organization. Amounts will vary depending on number of clients served by each. Label each bag with recipient name.
  6. 6.  Avoid over stacking fragile veggies like ripe tomatoes. Squished produce is messy and will probably not be eaten by anyone.
  7. 7.  Add recipes to each bag if available.
  8. 8.  Place bags in coolers if not being delivered immediately.



We would like to include some simple recipes with our distributions.  Please  email any of your favorites to the Giving Garden docents.


Log Your Volunteer Time

All of the time spent assisting with the Giving Gardens counts towards your volunteer time.  Please log your hours as usual in the brown shed.  This time will ensure that those we are helping will receive fresh, quality produce to help sustain their families.    


What’s Growing in your Giving Gardens?

It would be helpful to know what each giving garden has planted and when they expect the different veggies will be ready to harvest and deliver. We hope that we will have produce to deliver throughout the season and well into the fall.  We ask that each Giving Garden Coordinator let the Giving Garden docents know the name of their neighborhood, the types of veggies planted and the estimates of when they will be ready.  

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