Community Garden Volunteer Information

As part of their participation in the Duke Farms Community Garden, every gardener is required to complete 4 hours of volunteer time for their first plot and 1 hour for each additional plot. Half of these hours must be completed by August 1.


There are 4 ways gardeners may choose to complete their volunteer requirement.
   1. "Garden Maintenance": in-garden work days
        • May through October
        • Scheduled volunteer days are on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month and the 2nd Thursday of each month

        • No registration is required
        • Contact Garden Coordinator Stan Layton with questions.
        • Additionally:
             - Pop-up volunteer events will be posted on Facebook and in the CG newsletter
            - You may also complete garden maintenance activities on your own time


2. "Habitat Restoration": out-of-garden work days
        • May through October
        • 2 volunteer days per month (dates & activities will be listed below in the spring)
        • Registration required
        • Contact Volunteer Manager Clifford Berek with questions.


3. "Festivals"
        • Sugar Maple Celebration, Firefly Festival, Monarch & Meadow Fest and Creature Fest
        • Orientation & registration are required
        • Contact Education Coordinator Kirsten Holt for details. 


4. "Giving Garden Program"
        • To assist with planting & maintaining the neighborhood giving gardens: Please join the neighborhood email list and/or contact your Giving Garden Coordinator for more information.
        • To assist with preparing produce for delivery to the food banks, please visit this link for more information 


Logging volunteer hours:
NEW IN 2016:
        • All gardeners will log their volunteer time (including "habitat restoration" and "festivals") in the Volunteer Log Book located in the brown shed.
        • The book will be listed in alphabetical order and each gardener will have his/her own page.
        • Any volunteer time not listed in this book will not be counted towards your annual requirement.
        • Please list all volunteer time, even those hours which are beyond your requirement.
        • Contact Garden Educator Melissa Almendinger with any questions.

Monthly Habitat Regeneration Projects:

Date:  Time: Activity:
Mon, May 22 8:30a TBD
Wed, June 28 8:30a TBD
Sat, July 15 8:30a TBD
Fri, August 18 8:30a TBD
Sun, September 24 8:30a TBD
Tues, October 10 8:30a TBD

Eventbrite - Monthly Volunteer Habitat Restoration

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