Eagle Kits for the Classroom

Wildlife webcams are used to address a variety of research and educational objectives, and are innovative tools for learning about animal behavior. They also help watchers develop a connection to a place and the wildlife that lives there. Duke Farms is fortunate to host a wildlife cam that observes a pair of nesting bald eagles. The pair has returned to our property each year since 2012 and cam views are nearing 12 million! The Duke Farms Eagle Cam is also gaining traction in classrooms across the country as a useful tool to engage all age levels in a wide variety of subject areas. We’ve partnered with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ to host the cam, connect teachers to biologists and develop lesson plans and teacher training workshops. We also worked with IDE Corps to develop NGSS unit plans to expand our webcam resources.

Eagle Kit 

This year, we’re thrilled launch another FREE resource for teachers- The Duke Farms Eagle Kit! We’ve compiled all of our eagle-themed lessons, several storybooks and field guides, life-sized replicas of an eagle egg, skull, and talon, a life-sized wingspan cutout and vinyl eagle photo and even an eagle costume! Eagle Kits are free for educators to borrow for up to three weeks at a time. Please fill out the linked form below to reserve the kit.


Duke Farms Eagle Kit Reservation Request

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