What is Ecological Stewardship?

Regenerative PlantingThe conscientious planning and implementation of best management practices of natural resources/natural lands.


It is an active process, connected to the land and its associated plant and animal communities as well as soil and water.


Setting conservation goals that benefit ecosystems and provide the vital services to humans such as clean air and water are essential parts of the process.


CLICK HERE to see how Duke Farms implements Ecological Stewardship.


Bringing Stewardship Home!

The scale at which Duke Farms conducts habitat restoration can be daunting for the average homeowner, but no matter how big or small your home lanscape there are always ways to implement stewardship practtices at home


Visit the Stewardship on a Smaller Scale page to get started!

Wildlife Cams

Gain a new perspective on native wildlife with our Habitat Cams.


Eagle Cam

Bald Eagle chicks at the Duke Farms nest site.

See what's happening in the nest right now!

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