Built Environment

The buildings and landscapes at Duke Farms have been designed to be sustainable. This means that they place minimal demands on non-renewable energy resources and reduce pollution and waste,creating healthier indoor and outdoor environments.

The infrastructure that supports the buildings at Duke Farms uses green technologies such as a solar array, geothermal wells, and a constructed wastewater wetlands to maximize energy efficiency. Renovation of existing structures minimizes the need for new materials and interior spaces are designed with human health and well being in mind by maximizing air flow and providing abundant natural light.


Want to make your home more sustainable?

View the STEWARDSHIP ON A SMALLER SCALE resource page and start today!

Watch this video to find out more about sustainable design at Duke Farms.


Each year Duke Farms establishes sustainability goals that steer stewardship projects throughout the property. Follow the links below to view our current goals for 2014.


Duke Farms' 2014 Annual Environmental Report


Duke Farms' 2014 Environmental Policy

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