Renewable Energy

Duke Farms has designed building and landscape systems to achieve maximum energy performance through the use of both on- and off-site renewable energy to demonstrate a pathway to a more sustainable future. Many of the systems used at Duke Farms may be replicated by homeowners on a smaller scale.

  • Geothermal Wells

    Fifty-six geothermal wells that are 400 feet deep circulate water through a thermally controlled piping loop, using the moderate underground temperatures to boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating and cooling systems.

  • Indoor Features

    Indoor temperature, air quality and lighting controls, along with the use of light shelves and skylights in the second floor office space, reduce energy costs and increase comfort.

  • Public Transportation

    A bus stop at the gate directly east of the Farm Barn offers access to Duke Farms via public transportation.

  • Recharging Stations

    Solar stations recharge electric vehicles that are used by staff and security.

  • Reduced Fossil Fuel Usage

    Duke Farms offers a tram service for transportation and encourages the use of bicycles on the property; the use of fossil-fueled vehicles in the core area is restricted.

  • Solar Panels

    The installation of a 640-kilowatt ground-mounted solar array - 3,120 panels over 2.7 acres – generates 250.35kWh per year which will supply 100 percent of the estimated electrical power at the site and provide an opportunity to interpret and demonstrate for visitors the role that renewable energy plays in environmental stewardship. Any unused energy is diverted to the public power grid. To view live data from our solar array CLICK HERE

Solar Panel Duke Farms

CLICK HERE to view live data from our solar array.


Want to make your home more sustainable?

View the STEWARDSHIP ON A SMALLER SCALE resource page and start today!


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