Stewardship on a Smaller Scale

The scale at which Duke Farms conducts habitat restoration can be daunting for the average homeowner, but no matter how big or small your home landscape there are always ways to implement habitat restoration. The resources under this page are meant to guide homeowners on how they can restore their own home landscape to provide habitat for wildlife.

Buildling a Bat Roost


Creating Firefly Habitat


Do Research in Your Own Backyard!


Divert Your Wastewater


Garden Guide for Pollinators


How to Build a Rain Barrel


How to Install a Rain Garden at Home


Invasive Plants & Their Removal


Keep Your Rainwater On-site


Landscaping for Wildlife: Creating Backyard Habitat


Landscaping with Natives


Nests for Native Bees


Perennial Meadows


Seed Collection & Storage


Can't find a resource you are looking for? Let us know! Duke Farms has many partners who may have the answers you are looking for and would be more than happy to get you the resources you need to jumpstart habitat restoration in your home landscape.

Check out this video to learn why converting part of your lawn into a native meadow benefits the local ecosystem.


Rain Barrel installed by a residential home.

Help conserve water by installing a rain barrel outside your home!


Wildflower garden.

Wildflower gardens invite pollinators into your landscape.


Rain Garden alongside a residential home.

Rain gardens filter rainwater before it enters local waterways.

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