Q: What is the price of admission?

Admission to Duke Farms is FREE! 


Q: Do I need to have a reservation to attend a Duke Farms program?

Most programs require advance reservation as space is limited. To reserve a place, please make your reservations early online or by phone at (908) 722-3700, extension 4. Reservations are not required to visit the Orientation Center or for accessing the trails which is always free!


If you are coming to Duke Farms with a group of 12 or more we ask that you please fill out our Group Registration Form prior to your visit.


Q: Is food available on the premises?

The Farm Barn Café features fresh and pre-package food during its operating hours. Click here to learn



Q: Are photographs and video allowed?

Visitors are welcome to take photographs or video for personal use only. Commercial photography is not allowed. Commercial photography is defined as any photography from which an income is derived. Examples of commercial photography include (but are not limited to) wedding photography, engagement photography, family and individual portraits (unless taken by a family or friend without fee) and any photography used to create a product for sale or promotion. 


For more information please refer to our Commercial Photography Policy.


Q: Are programs held rain or shine?

Please check the program description. In situations of inclement weather or other emergency conditions, program participants should call (908) 722-3700 for a pre-recorded message on the status of programs. Trails are normally open rain or shine, unless weather conditions are considered hazardous.


Q: Are dogs allowed on the property?

Pets are not allowed on the property. However, service dogs are allowed access to the Farm Barn and public areas of the property.


Q: What are the rules to observe while at Duke Farms?

Pedestrians and wildlife always have the right-of-way.

Duke Farms has a carry-in carry-out policy for trash—please take your trash with you or deposit it in bins at the Orientation Center.

Bicycles are restricted to paved roads and gravel paths.

Duke Farms is a smoke-free environment.


The following are not permitted:

  • Smoking
  • Pets
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Firearms, weapons of any kind (including paintball weapons) and fireworks.
  • Campfires and open burning, including portable grills.
  • Trash disposal - we are a carry in/carry out facility.
  • Removing plants or animals; and feeding animals.
  • Activities adverse to wildlife such as fishing, using remote-controlled vehicles, kites boating, snowmobiles, tree climbing, etc. 
  • Frisbees, ball playing or similar activities. 
  • Electric vehicles including hoverboards. 
  • Drones.
  • Swimming or wading in any body of water.
  • Commercial activity - this includes fee-based classes, professional photography, selling any products, or even solicitation of goods or services.


Q: Are tours available at Duke Farms?

There are no formal tours. Duke Farms encourages visitors to explore on their own with the help of maps and interpretive tools provided throughout the site, including more than 40 audio tours.


Q: Is the house that served as the home of Doris Duke open to the public?

The house is not open to the public.


Q: Do you allow fishing in the lakes at Duke Farms?

No, fishing is not allowed. Duke Farms' lake edges are carefully restored as habitat and fishing would be counter to these efforts.


Q: Does Duke Farms allow me to solicit my business services and products?

Duke Farms does not allow solicitation of products or services. In fact, one will see that in our Orientation Center, we do not even have a gift shop! The only things one can "take home" from Duke Farms are memories and learnings of stewardship principles.


For more information please refer to our Solicitation Policy.


Q: Is Duke Farms open all year?

The only days we are closed include Wednesdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Q: When does the assistance tram run?

The assistance tram transportation is available between April 1 and November 1 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm while Duke Farms is open (Closed Wednesdays). Please note that the assistance tram's primary use is to provide those people with disabilities the ability to traverse the property. 


Q: Are bicycles allowed at Duke Farms?

Bicycles are allowed and encouraged. Cyclists may bike on 12 miles of paved and gravel lanes; bicycles are not allowed on mulched trails reserved for walking/hiking. A map of bicycle trails is available here and at the Orientation Center. Bike helmets are required for all bikeshare users.


Q: May I picnic at Duke Farms?

Picnickers are welcome at Duke Farms. Please note that campfires and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Duke Farms also has a carry-in carry-out trash policy.


Q: May I rent space at Duke Farms for my private event?

No, we do not rent space for private events. Sorry, no weddings, photo shoots, corporate events, birthday parties, etc. 


Q: Do I need to wear a bicycle helmet while riding a bike at Duke Farms? 

Wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce facial and head injuries by 85%. We want you to be safe while visiting our property. From now on, we will be requiring bicycle helmets for all visitors - even if when you come with your own bicycle. For more bicycle safety information, please visit our friends at Ridewise and  League of American Bicyclists.

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