Green Initiatives

Duke Farms has an expansive and bold vision for the 2,742-acre property, serving as an environmental showcase and learning center.

The buildings and landscapes at Duke Farms have been designed to be sustainable. This means that they place minimal demands on non-renewable energy resources and reduce pollution and waste, creating healthier indoor and outdoor environments.

Large areas that were once lawns are now meadows planted with native wildflowers and grasses that require little maintenance and no water. In many of the woodlands, non-native and invasive tree are being replaced with native species. Seeds are being harvested from plants at Duke Farms and cultivated in the native nurseries before they are introduced into the regenerated habitats.

The infrastructure that supports the buildings at Duke Farms uses green technologies such as a solar array, geothermal wells, and a constructed wastewater wetlands to maximize energy efficiency. Renovation of existing structures minimizes the need for new materials and interior spaces are designed with human health and well being in mind by maximizing air flow and providing abundant natural light.

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