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Designed by Boston architects Kendall Taylor & Stevens and erected by noted greenhouse builders Lord & Burnham, the Orchid Range was the first ornamental building constructed at Duke Farms. Fashioned in the form of a palm house, the Orchid Range and its range of propagating houses originally held palms, potted trees, ferns and orchids.


In 2011, the Orchid Range was renovated to LEED© Platinum standards to make it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Today, the Orchid Range houses a Subtropical Display and a Tropical Orchid Display focusing on plants native to the United States.


LEED© Components of the Orchid Range:

1. Double-paned, insulated glass replaced the original single-pane glass.

2. A water capturing system offsets the demands of the buidling's water needs.

3. Solar water heater supplements the boiler for the radiant heat system.

4. Transom windows allow for optimal air flow, contributing to passive cooling.


Access to the Orchid Range

To get to the Orchid Range, visitors can hike or bike from the Orientation Center which is approximatly a 2 mile round-trip (Use our Site Map to determine route).


The Tram also makes a stop at the Orchid Range for those requiring assistance. For more information on Tram operation please visit our FAQs and Rules page.


Open year round to enjoy!


Watch this short video to find out more about our Orchid Range.




Subtropical Display

American Southeast Coastal Plain Garden

This greenhouse demonstrates the diversity of plants found in the southeast coastal plain region, including longleaf pines, palmetto and a sphagnum bog teeming with carnivorous plants. (Click Here to see a map of this greenhouse)


Tropical Orchid Display

American Southeast Coastal Plain Garden

The Tropical Orchid Garden is filled with a wide variety of orchid species from tropical regions along with some of the magnificent orchids that have been cultivated at Duke Farms throughout its history.


Support greenhouses hold orchid plants in various stages of growth and bloom in preparation for orchid programs, demonstrations, and presentation in the Tropical Orchid Display. 




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