Family Activity Sheets

These self guided activity sheets are designed for families to learn at their own pace.  Bring them along on your next trip to Duke Farms!  To print click the PDF link to open the activity sheet document.  

  • 5 to Stay Alive

    Every living species requires 5 things to survive: food, water, air, shelter and space. An area where an organism finds these five things is called a Habitat. Habitat is another word for a home for animals. Each type of animal needs a precise type of habitat to meet its specific needs. Take a walk around Duke Farms looking for suitable habitats for several animals.  PDF

  • Identified Flying Objects

    Everywhere you look around Duke Farms something is flying! What are these objects? Are they UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)? NO! They are Duke Farms’ Identified Flying Objects! The researchers and ecologists at Duke Farms along with many partner organizations have worked hard to identify the many flying organisms around the property.  In this activity you will be using the Field guide to try and identify as many flying species as you can!  PDF

  • Adopt-A-Tree

    While you are here at Duke Farms choose a tree that interests you. You can choose from any of the trees in any area of Duke Farms that is accessible by biking or walking. Be sure to choose carefully, you will be watching this tree for the entire year!  Once you have chosen your tree, complete the activity sheet.  PDF

  • Snags, Limbs and Logs

    As you explore Duke Farms you will discover a number of dead limbs, dead trees (snags) and logs around the property. Why do we leave them there? There is life in these dead trees! Many animal residents of Duke Farms call dead trees home.  See if you can use the binoculars and field guide in the Eco-Kit to identify what animals are using the dead trees as a home.  PDF

  • Sustainability Scavenger Hunt

    Discover all the various sustainable intitative inplace at Duke Farms with this fun scavenger hunt. On the hunt, you will learn about sustainable concepts such as geothermal wells and rain gardens and how they work to make our campus more sustainable. PDF

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