Bikeshare Program


Our Bikeshare service will conclude for the 2016 season on NOVEMBER 29, 2016. 


Our Bikeshare allows visitors to borrow adult bicycles! Sign up today to explore the property on wheels to see areas you haven't made it yet on foot and use pedal power!


An Availability Note:

We have 60 bicycles in our supply available from 9 am to 5:30 pm for a 2 hour session.  All bikes need to be back no later than 5:30. We have noted that on weekends, there is a huge demand for this program and often all bicycles are in use by 11 am. At that point, you may have to wait for a bicycle to be checked back in again. In order to keep this program low cost, we do not take reservations. If it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon, please plan on waiting a bit for this first come, first served bikeshare. 


How to Participate

Step 1: Locate the Duke Farms Bike Tent inside the core property and tell them that you’d like to borrow a bicycle.

Step 2: Present photo identification to the staff member and fill out an electronic liability waiver.

Step 3: Review the program guidelines and complete your credit card or debit card transaction charge of $5 for each ride. Each ride should be limited to a two hour maximum.

Step 4: Grab a helmet and bicycle (required)! Off you go!

Step 5: Return your bicycle NO LATER than 5:30 pm. 



Walk Your Bike Across Crosswalk Sign


Bicycles are pretty awesome tools for exploring the property, but they can be dangerous. For your safety while riding our bicycles, you must follow the following rules:

  • You must be at least 60 inches to borrow a bicycle. Our bicycles are adult-sized and thus, have a minimum operator height requirement.
  • You must bring a valid photo ID. (ex. Drivers license)
  • Payment can be made by credit/debit card ONLY. We do not accept cash.  
  • Bicycle helmets are required. No helmet, no ride. Either bring your own or use ours.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way. Always.
  • Ride on your right and pass on your left. Just like driving a car.
  • Bicycle riding is limited to paved and gravel roads. Wood chip paths are OFF limits. The chips will pop tires.
  • Bicycles are not allowed to exit the “core Property”.
  • One person per bicycle. Do not put your friends or children on handlebars or wheels.
  • Minors can be registered by a parent or legal guardian ONLY. You cannot bring a child’s friend and register them without their parent. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

The program is open to any visitor, volunteer, or staff above the height of 60 inches. You’ll need to complete the short registration process in person at the Duke Farms Bike Tent. This includes providing photo identification, completing an electronic liability waiver, agreeing to the usage policy, and reviewing rules of the road for cycling in at Duke Farms and make your $5 payment required for each ride to participant in the program.


How do I check out a bike?

Bikes may be checked out at the Duke Farms Bike Tent. To check out a bike, each time you will complete an electronic bikeshare liability waiver, present a valid photo ID, review the rules for cycling and make your $5 payment by credit/debit card. Participants will be required to leave their photo ID at the bike tent for the duration of their ride. Once the bike is returned and check for excessive damage, the participant will get their photo ID back from a Duke Farms staff member. Please limit your ride to no more than 2 hours so others can enjoy this service.


Can I reserve a bicycle?

Bicycles are available on a first come, first served basis.


How old do I need to be?

Due to the size of these bicycles, participation in this program is limited to those whose height is 60 inches and over.


How do I check in a bike?

Bikes are available for single-day use, during visitation hours only. You must return the bike to its original location to a Bike Share staff member at the Duke Farms Bike Tent before 5 pm at the very latest. Return borrowed helmets to the Bike Tent.


What types of bikes are available? Are the seats adjustable?

At this time, this pilot program only includes one adult bicycle style is available in one size only. All bike seats are adjustable by means of a flip lever mechanism.



What about bike safety?

Information on New Jersey bike rules and safety tips is available to all program participants. In addition, please see below for Duke Farms specific rules.


What happens if I get stranded or am in an accident?

It is recommended you carry a cell phone at all times. If your bike becomes inoperative or you are in an accident, call Duke Farms Security at 908-722-3700. If it is a true, physical emergency do not hesitate to dial 911.


Why does the program close over the winter?

Given the maintenance and safety concerns posed by our winters, bikes are put in storage for the duration of the winter. We utilize this time to perform tune-ups on all of the bikes to ensure they’re in top shape when they return in the spring.


Would you like to fill out your waiver before you get here?

That would be a huge help for our staff members! You still have to show us a photo ID and sign at the time you register - but it is much easier to read type than handwriting! Here's the link to the waiver - you can fill out the form, hit submit and just bring your photo id and credit card to pay the small fee. 



Free Ride Bikeshare Bicycle

Bicycle offered in Bikeshare service.


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