Commercial Photography Policy


Commercial Photography is not allowed at Duke Farms. The following applies to photography on the grounds and in the buildings at Duke Farms:


Duke Farms is located on private property. While we try to extend every consideration to individuals and groups wishing to photograph at Duke Farms, these activities must not interfere with normal operations or compromise the safety of our visitors, the quality of our habitats, our structures and other infrastructure.


Duke Farms reserves all rights for photographic reproduction of Duke Farms Property.



Commercial photography is defined as any photography produced for publication or promotional use. Duke Farms specifically reserves all rights for photographic reproduction of Duke Farms Property. No commercial use of such photographs is permitted. In general, non-educational and commercial reproductions of Duke Farms Property will not be approved. Duke Farms reserves the right to license vendors, collect royalties, and initiate fees or otherwise control use of Duke Farms as deemed appropriate and lawful in the sole discretion of  Duke Farms. Duke Farms reserves the right to approve final content for anything in which Duke Farms or its properties will appear, either by name or by visual representation.



Professional photography is defined as any photography for which income is derived. Duke Farms considers portraiture by a professional photographer to be professional photography, even if income is not derived.



Recreational photography may be conducted in designated areas without an appointment and free of charge. Portraits of any kind done by a professional photographer are not considered recreational photography. A courtesy call is requested if groups or classes plan to visit. Any groups or classes that charge a fee are considered to be a professional group and commercial photography and therefore not permitted.



  • Flow of visitors along driveway and pathways must not be blocked at any time.
  • Visitors, photographers, and their equipment must stay on pathways – walking in plant beds or behind plant beds or placing equipment in beds is prohibited.
  • Plants and planted containers may not be moved, rearranged, or handled in any way. Blooms may not be picked.
  • Visitors may not climb or hang from trees or architectural features.
  • Climbing, sitting, standing, or walking on walls, fences, structures, or water features is strictly forbidden.


Refusal to follow Duke Farms Policies

If any individual does not comply with the above conditions, Duke Farms reserves the right to deny permission to photograph, may request that the individual or group leave the premises, and/or deny access or entry in the future.

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