Dragonflies and Damselflies Found at Duke Farms



Common Name Scientific Name
Ebony Jewelwing   Calopteryx aequabilis
Common Spreadwing  Lestes disjunctus
Blue-fronted Dancer   Argia apicalis
Violet Dancer   Argia fumipennis violacea
Powdered Dancer   Argia moesta
Stream Bluet    Enallagma exsulans
Skimming Bluet   Enallagma geminatum
Fragile Forktail   Ischnura posita
Eastern Forktail   Ischnura verticalis
Common Green Dancer   Anax junius
Unicorn Clubtail   Arigomphus villosipes
Common Baskettail   Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) cynosura
Halloween Pennant   Celithemis eponina
Eastern Pondhawk   Erythemis simplicicollis
Widow Skimmer   Libellula luctuosa
Twelve-spotted Skimmer   Libellula pulchella
Painted Skimmer   Libellula semifasciata
Great Blue Skimmer   Libellula vibrans
Blue Dasher   Pachydiplax longipennis
Eastern Amberwing   Perithemis tenera
Common Whitetail    Plathemis lydia
Carolina Saddlebags   Tramea carolina
Black Saddlebags   Tramea lacerata
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