Our Place in Space

Thursday, October 3

Earth’s return address in the Universe wouldn’t easily fit on an envelope. You’ll leave this stellar conversation with a better appreciation for where we fit among the stars. Confirm your understanding about some of the big concepts of size and scale, phases, eclipse and tides, rotation vs revolution, astronomical units, light years and more!

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Every visit to Duke Farms is a chance to learn something new. Our educational classes are intended for those who want to dive deeper into stewardship and cultivate a stronger connection with nature. We offer classes covering a variety of topics for both children and adults.


Duke Farms offers a number of special event opportunities throughout the year. From our seasonal, weekly farm market to our four annual festivals, there are many opportunities to experience stewardship, nature and agroecology at Duke Farms. Click the icons for more information. 

Making An Impact

The natural beauty, diversity of wildlife and breadth of ecological resources at Duke Farms makes it the perfect setting for environmental education, demonstration and research. We believe that everyone—from research professionals to school kids—can learn from our conservation efforts and help to build a more sustainable future.

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